"La Lomita Chapel"

‚Äč2006 half sheet watercolor on paper

From the earliest time of Christianity, iconography has been used as a symbolic code, showing the faithful one thing and inviting them to see in it the figure of another. These icons are painted onto a prepared panel of wood, cotton cloth and gesso that is hand-crafted in the traditional manner. Each icon is "written" as tradition dictates, using symbolic language. Gilding is 23 karat gold leaf. Some designs are handed down through tradition and some are the design of the artist. But, all follow traditional guidelines and symbolism.

Icons are produced on commission.

"Egret, side view"

Mixed media on paper

"Oklahoma Snow"

2004 half sheet watercolor on paper

"Lo Bianco's Store"

Pen & Ink on paper

"Tempest II"

2003 mixed media 14" x 11"

"Annunciation Street"

2004 half sheet watercolor on paper

Pleiades Illustration Company


St. Michael the Archangel

Ascended Christ

St. Helena